This is the age of sustainable living which presents us with opportunities to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet theirs.

The Afro-Caribbean Good Life Environmental Initiative is a Next Step Initiative project funded by the Scottish Government to create and increase awareness as well as support sustainable living among the Afro-Caribbean community in Glasgow.

The key areas of the project seek to impact the efficient use of energy in Afro-Caribbean homes and promote responsible consumption through a swap shop and upcycling.

SWAP Shop, Sewing, Repair and Upcycling Project

The program aims to increase members and community awareness about the impact of climate change and why the saving of carbon is important through reuse, upcycling, repairs and recycling. This will increase sustainable lifestyles among the Afro-Caribbean community by promoting reuse.

The swap, upcycling, sewing and repair sessions will equip members for requisite day-to-day repairs and develop skills even for entrepreneurship. Members will be taught how to upcycle clothes and other items which they can in turn use, give away as gifts or sell to the public at reasonable prices through our exhibition, trade fair and fashion show. It will also be a time for parents to have fun with their children in creating things and acquire sewing and upcycling skills!

We subsequently aim to open a repair and upcycle shop where members can use skills learned as there is a niche in the repair sector.

The program has many benefits and prospects socially, financially and environmentally.

How Swap shop operates online

Members who have given consent to be part of the swap shop community are encouraged to sign up on our website. Once you become a member you can post pictures of items in good condition you want to give away or swap. You can then contact other members who have posted items that you are interested to arrange a time for the exchange.